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I am from the South Wales Valleys, and music has always been part of my life, my grandmother always sang note perfect around the house and my father was a singer in a band. My father especially encouraged my singing. I started singing in bands when I was 17 years old. I had a lot of good opportunities, which due to a lack of confidence, I didn’t take. Also, by the time I reached 24, I didn’t really like what I was singing about, so I stopped doing this.

Little did I realise then, that a few years later, I would be born again, filled with the Holy Spirit, and absolutely love worshipping God. I got saved in 1996, when I was 27 years old. God sent me to university, he made my brain work! And I got a degree. (This is remarkable as originally I left school with no qualifications!)

I wrote songs from when I was about 17, looking back on them, after I started following Jesus, they were all about finding God! But I didn’t realise that at the time.

Interestingly, when I was at uni God so encouraged me to play again, (I initially learnt piano when I was 18). There were lots of piano rooms in the music department and in one room there was a grand piano. If this room was empty, which it often was, I could go in and play it. I used to play a lot of Matt Redman worship songs. Anyway, after my degree, I got married and then God told me to use my musical talents again for Him. This was difficult to start with as I was still learning to play the piano and I was very nervous about getting up in front of people and singing again. Within a few years we moved house and I started singing in a worship team. The church was rather large so it was a big deal for me at the time to stand in front of everyone. The Lord just started enabling me to harmonise, I never did this when I was younger and after the services people would come and say how they were ministered to by my harmonies. I was really encouraged by this, and soon after, I started playing the keyboard at church too.

A few years later, God led me to go out of church and minister to other people, wherever the doors would open. I had already began writing worship songs and putting some chords to them. This is around the time I started playing chords instead of the full melody.

I went out with a friend who was also a singer and she played the violin. We went to Elderly People’s homes and then after a while, I started to go to churches and minister songs. I also started leading worship at this time too.

Some years went by and my husband and I moved to Wiltshire. We moved on the Saturday and went to the local Penticostal church on the Sunday! We jumped in with both feet. I started leading worship there and ministering my songs on a regular basis. I also joined Ministry of Music and started to go out ministering again, to both café outreaches and to churches around England and Wales. Now God is my confidence, that He is with me and His presence in me, so much that I now will speak in front of congregations, whereas I used to be so scared of speaking in front of a crowd of people.

A few years ago, the Lord led me and my husband to a church in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. We felt at home straight away, the worship times were more free and I could move in spontaneous worship and prophetic songs. I carried on leading worship and ministering songs; also through bookings from Ministry of Music and contacts through my church and another church that I had a good connection with.

I’ve always had a heart for prayer and worship evenings, and since early in 2019 we started West Wilts Arise, we call it Prophetic Praise and Prayer; it’s and inter-church gathering, inter-denominational and it’s great to be a part of this. I lead worship there once a month. This is led by friends of mine, Chris and Triss Horwood and I have also ministered at some of the churches they minister at, as they are in itinerant preaching ministry. The Lord is using me more and more in prophetic songs and prophetic preaching, (the latter being something he puts on my heart to share – and I may see what the Lord is doing or wanting to do in the meeting, so people can receive from Him.)

I started making an album, in 1018, called Alabaster Jar, which was finally finished late summer 1019. The songs came out of my desire to go deeper with God and to encourage and inspire others that we can all have an incredible deep relationship with God and do the greater things that Jesus said we would do. For me, this comes out of the secret place, the place of spending more time in my bible and my prayer room and waiting longer on the Lord.

I read books by Smith Wigglesworth and Kathryn Kuhlman because they just inspire me to go into the deeper places with God so much. I also learn so much from them; they were uncompromising. I also love reading about the Welsh revival especially, but all revivals because I believe God wants to do these things again.

I believe God is calling me to start gatherings, which would be intercessory praise gatherings, and to believe for the Holy Spirit to move powerfully in these meetings. I want to see the church on fire to share the gospel, to see the power of God in the church again, and people saved because the presence of God is tangible. The bible says that God’s manifest presence comes when we are hungry for Him.


Thank you so much for coming to us on and encouraging us with your spirit led and inspiring programme.

It was something that blessed everyone who came at whatever level of spirituality they had. For some it was a new experience into the charismatic side of church life and for others it was the opportunity to join in a spirit led meeting with others.

Your presentation is both gentle and at the same time profound, beginning at a level where everyone can engage and gradually moving through to a point where people are being blessed by the Holy Spirit.

David Enwright
On Leadership Team at Dorchester Community Church

“I just listened to your song now and I must say they are very wonderful, the lyrics are very powerful and your voice is a blessing to our generation.”
Pastor Peter, Praisetek


“Kay is a very talented and accomplished musician and an anointed worship leader. I had the opportunity of working with Kay in her church for a month in 2015 and was impressed with her sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and her ability to lead others into God’s presence. Speaking both from the point of view of a pastor and a worship leader, I found Kay easy to work with. She has a gentle heart and a real passion to see every Christian grow in their ability to worship God in freedom and in truth.”
Pastor R Burden


“We thoroughly enjoyed having Kay perform for us at Sunday Night Live. We always ask performers to pitch their set in a way which appeals to people who want to sit and watch the performance, as well as those who like to have it as a background to their conversations. Kay did just that. She has a beautiful voice and performed a wonderful variety of songs, including original takes on mainstream songs which were familiar to our young adult audience. We are very grateful to have had Kay perform twice now, and we look forward to having her again soon.”
T Bechervaise (Sunday Night Live organiser)