Kay Morgan-Israel’s biography

Kay Morgan-Israel is a British worship leader, songwriter and musician, based in the UK. She was born and brought up in the South Wales valleys. She had a dramatic experience with Jesus at the age of 27 and was born again, healed of anxiety, and began serving Jesus.

In 2006 she started ministering her songs and leading worship, since having a clear call to ‘minister to the saints’. Kay has a heart to lead people into intimate worship with God and desires to see the church once again, like the church in the book of Acts, moving in the miraculous power of God.

In 2019 she released her first album, Alabaster Jar, the title taken from the scripture, Luke 7:36-50. The album is a 15 track CD, with the theme of: intimacy with God and cultivating the presence of God in our lives. The album moves from exuberant praise to longing and seeking to know the Lord in greater depth.

Since January 2020 she started putting a programme together, called MESSAGE IN THE MUSIC, which starts with a talk on what the song is about, revealing the deeper message in the song and the scripture behind it, ending with the song itself. The Message in the Music short programme is already played twice weekly on NEW Sound Christian Radio (NSCR) and will shortly be played on other regional and online radio stations.


The Message in the Music is now available on Kay’s YouTube channel.


Kay Morgan-Israel YouTube channel


Thank you so much for coming to us on and encouraging us with your spirit led and inspiring programme.

It was something that blessed everyone who came at whatever level of spirituality they had. For some it was a new experience into the charismatic side of church life and for others it was the opportunity to join in a spirit led meeting with others.

Your presentation is both gentle and at the same time profound, beginning at a level where everyone can engage and gradually moving through to a point where people are being blessed by the Holy Spirit.

David Enwright
On Leadership Team at Dorchester Community Church

“I just listened to your song now and I must say they are very wonderful, the lyrics are very powerful and your voice is a blessing to our generation.”
Pastor Peter, Praisetek


“Kay is a very talented and accomplished musician and an anointed worship leader. I had the opportunity of working with Kay in her church for a month in 2015 and was impressed with her sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and her ability to lead others into God’s presence. Speaking both from the point of view of a pastor and a worship leader, I found Kay easy to work with. She has a gentle heart and a real passion to see every Christian grow in their ability to worship God in freedom and in truth.”
Pastor R Burden


“We thoroughly enjoyed having Kay perform for us at Sunday Night Live. We always ask performers to pitch their set in a way which appeals to people who want to sit and watch the performance, as well as those who like to have it as a background to their conversations. Kay did just that. She has a beautiful voice and performed a wonderful variety of songs, including original takes on mainstream songs which were familiar to our young adult audience. We are very grateful to have had Kay perform twice now, and we look forward to having her again soon.”
T Bechervaise (Sunday Night Live organiser)